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Tack Design
.: I've got the scars from tommorow... :. by totalrandomusername
Iminye CCCXVIII's war tack by totalrandomusername
Mistytack by totalrandomusername
More examples coming soon...

If you want to order a tack design, please fill out this form:

Link to horse ref:
Any breed requirements?: eg. a sheet where the tack for the breed is explained and stuff
Colors/Pattern/feel of the tack wanted:
Anything else?:
Kaaring/Credit/Love points package
A package to help your horse to gain +5 points of the breed point system. You can order as many as you want for a single horse.
They will mostly be head shots, but I will try to do at least one full-body.

Form to fill:

Horse's ref:
Link to point system of breed:
Special requirements: (no headshots, animations only....)


Galadiell | Doe | Exiled Princess by totalrandomusername
Galadiell | Doe | Exiled Princess

Gifted to Forget-Me-Not-Fields

:bulletred: SHE IS NOT OPEN FOR RUT! IF YOU ASK IF SHE IS I'LL IGNORE YOUR COMMENT :bulletred: it's really annoying to get only these kind of comments after a while...

Name:  Galadiell 
Behind the name: galad (“light, radiance”)  + iell (“daughter” [Etym. SEL-D] traditional ending for women’s names) 
Nickname: Galad
Gender:  Doe ♀
Breed: :devFawnling:
Height: 10.3 hh 
Build: Light-Medium
Age: 5 years  
Birth date: Late Spring 752
Colour: Palomino Fawn
Genotype: ee/aa/nCr/nZ/fwfw/nrz
Bloodlines: Palomino princess mother x unknown father (both NPCs and non-existant)
Herd Rank: Exiled Princess Doe

Approved Design:

-  "Brotherly Bond" Brutally Broken... (2 points light magic)

- Galad is the kind of mare who would do anything for a fiend. Unless she has to dirty or risk the lenght of he mane and tail. Nope, there's no way she's sacrificing it for another doe or stag... Unless one day she finds one that's handsome enough.
- Has a huge tendancy to judge others by their physical appearance. 

Other Images
    None at the moment!

    None yet

Role Play

Mate: None yet
Current Location: Glenmore

Fight Stats (to be calculated)
Overall: 0
Speed: 7 +1 build, +3 starte stats
Stamina: 2
Strength: 1 max.7
Experience: 1

Magic Type:  Light Magic
Magic Level: Basic (2 points)
Herbal Level: Basic


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