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Tack Design
.: I've got the scars from tommorow... :. by totalrandomusername
Iminye CCCXVIII's war tack by totalrandomusername
Mistytack by totalrandomusername
More examples coming soon...

If you want to order a tack design, please fill out this form:

Link to horse ref:
Any breed requirements?: eg. a sheet where the tack for the breed is explained and stuff
Colors/Pattern/feel of the tack wanted:
Anything else?:
Kaaring/Credit/Love points package
A package to help your horse to gain +5 points of the breed point system. You can order as many as you want for a single horse.
They will mostly be head shots, but I will try to do at least one full-body.

Form to fill:

Horse's ref:
Link to point system of breed:
Special requirements: (no headshots, animations only....)


I was scared.
I was worried.
I couldn't allow you to do that.
I was hanging on with you.

I felt like I was just repeating myself, I had to think so much about what to say to stop you from doing it. 

At any second, any moment, you could've hung up and done it.... 

That thought terrified me.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I've never been happier. I've never been happier. I'll be even happier incinerated. I don't need help, I never asked for it, I never wanted it..." 

No, obviously you fucking aren't fine. Stop lying to yourself... 

"It's kind of ironic though. I survived a lethal pneumonia, had an other one, escaped a brain tumor. Life holds on to me but I want to abandon her..." 

Just don't, don't for the people you love...

" I don't want to hurt anyone anymore..."


"I don't want to hurt you... " 

If you do it, it will haunt me and all the people that care for you...

"No, you can just forget me..." 

How can I? I'll remember you my whole life and yeah this might sound absolutely stupid since we've been dating 2 months but I really don't think I'll be able to love anyone but you. 

"Don't say this, don't say this, don't..."

I just 

"...say this, don't say this, don't say..."

want to 

"... this, don't say this, don't say this..."

help you

"Don't say this, don't say this, don't..."

Because I love you.


"I love you too" 

Then don't be fucking stupid! 

"No.... I really do..."


"Please promise me something.... I'll hold back if you do..."

For how long? A day? A week? I'm not promising anything if it's not worth it...

"A very long time."

Then tell me, I'm listening...

"Promise me you'll stay with me for a whole life..." 


That's the only fucking thing I want you idiot. I promise I will never leave your side
I promise
If you're just going to comment "but u r lik 15 u cn't say u ll be with him 4ever duh" then I'll kindly ask you to fuck off thanks.

"Letting Faith get inside my head was the worst idea ever... She keeps pushing me to the edge..." 

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